Private Treatment

Private Orthodontic Treatment

Private treatment is offered to both children and adults. More and more people are choosing to have private treatment for the additional benefits it offers them.

These benefits include:

• The orthodontist has as much time as is needed at each appointment to provide the best treatment.

• There is greater flexibility with appointment times. We offer appointments outside school and work hours for private patients.

•You can choose from a variety of special techniques including:

Private Fee Guide

Initial examination & consultation including Panoramic Oral radiographic imaging: £120.00 (50% of the fee is required when booking the appointment).

Treatment with fixed braces (both arches) from – £3850

Treatment with Ceramic braces (both arches) from – £4200

Private Payment Schemes

To help make treatment more affordable we offer a number of different payment schemes to private patients, including interest free loans and discounts for those who pay their fees up front. Single payment at the beginning of treatment (payment by cash or debit card) will entitle you to an administration discount off the cost of treatment.

Teeth Whitening

At the end of your Orthodontic treatment, you may want to complete your smile makeover by whitening your teeth. Normally this is done by home whitening kits that involve wearing a removable appliance similar to a removable retainer whilst you are sleeping and can be a great way to show your new smile off even more.

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