Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces


These are the appliances most widely used in a specialist orthodontic practice. They deliver the best results if you want to have really straight and well fitting teeth, this type of treatment will give you the best chance of achieving that goal.

The appliances work by fastening a small bracket to each tooth, these are then connected to each other using thin wire which is held in place by small elastic rings. The brackets themselves maybe metal, plastic or ceramic.

The initial aligning wires are made of superelastic nickel titanium and have been developed using technology from NASA. They keep trying to return to their original shape, which is an 'ideal arch', and in so doing they align the teeth.

The average duration of treatment with fixed appliances is in the region of 12-15 months for a child and about 15-18 months for an adult. Though more complex and difficult cases can take longer.


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