We are pleased to offer an interest-free payment option. This involves an initial appliance fee and a monthly/quarterly instalment payment (standing order), for your convenience we accept all major debit and credit cards and cash.

There are no costs or charges for treatment conducted under the NHS. However, children (and their parents) who do not meet NHS requirements may choose to undertake recommended Orthodontic Treatment privately.  Once treatment is completed however, please be aware that a replacement retainer fee will be charged.

On average across the UK approximately 35% of all children assessed will not be eligible for NHS treatment.  In such cases many children will still receive clinical benefit from undertaking Orthodontic treatment.  In some cases children may wish to undertake treatment for aesthetic benefit as well.

Orthodontic Fees

Private Orthodontic Consultation - £190.00

Visit/appointment after completing the treatment (less than 2 years) - £65.00

Visit/appointment after completing the treatment (more than 2 years) - £95.00

Fixed Appliance Orthodontic Treatment

Fixed Orthodontic treatment (Metal Braces) and retainers - from £5,250.00

Fixed Orthodontic treatment (Damon Clear Braces) and retainers - from £5,650.00

Replacement Appliance Fees


Replacement Appliance Fees NHS Private
Hawley/Essix Retainer £95.70 £145.00
Upper and Lower Hawley/Essix Retainers £191.40 £290.00
Twinblock appliance £191.40 £395.00
 Upper: £215.00
 Lower: £185.00
Barrer appliance Only Private £260.00
Upper and Lower Barrer appliance Only Private £485.00
Lower removable appliance £95.70 £191.40
Upper removable appliance £95.70 from £191.40
Fixed retainer Only Privately from £385.00
Fixed retainer repair (per unit) Only Privately from £65.00
Upper and Lower Fixed retainer Only Privately £760.00
Repair Fixed Brace £191.40 incl. in treatment
Orthoguard Only Privately £90.00
Thumbguard Only Privately £765.00
Quadhelix appliance Only Privately £865.00
Headgear (set) Only Privately £80.00
Safety Strap Only Privately £13.00
Neck pad Only Privately £30.00
Facebow Only Privately £40.00

Hygienist Appointments


Children appointment (30 minutes) Only Privately £70.00
Adult appointment (30 minutes) Only Privately £80.00



Panoramic radiograph (OPG - Orthopantomogram) Only Privately £95.00
Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph (Lat Ceph) Only Privately £95.00
Cone-Beam Computer Tomography 3D (CBCT) Only Privately £165.00
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