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Facial Aesthetics Practice

Adults undertaking Orthodontic treatment privately will be provided with a detailed outline of their available treatment options and then a comprehensive written quote. This will usually take place during your consultation.

Our re-payment schemes are designed to ensure that the process is predictable, flexible and easy so that our patients can 'set & forget' and focus on their treatment and getting the best results.

Payment in full may allow negotiation in the total treatment cost. We don't offer 'Credit' so there are no interest charges to consider. A deposit up front followed by monthly payments over 12 months is available. Prices are all-inclusive from start to finish; there are no hidden or extra costs along the way. Regardless of the repayment method, total costs incur no fees or charges. Re-payment plans can be flexible to best suit individual patient circumstances.

How to set up a Direct Debit Instruction:


To create a Direct Debit Instruction, your  must complete a Direct Debit Instruction form. This is done online - your details can be collected online, using bank-approved payment pages. To access the payment page, please click link below.


Direct Debit Instruction online form