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Facial Aesthetics Practice

Statement of Purpose

1. Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

  1. To provide high quality dental care; including consultations, radiographs, treatment / prevention of periodontal disease (e.g. hygienist sessions) and orthodontic treatments including fixed, functional and removable appliances. We tailor make treatment plans to suit the individual needs of the patients.
  2. To offer patients a friendly and professional service.
  3. To focus on prevention of dental disease by promoting good oral health to all patients attending our practice for care and advice, both in person and via all of electronic channels.
  4. To establish an individually-developed personal dental health regime for each patient to meet their dental care needs and aim for a high level of oral health.
  5. To explain the diagnosis to patients in detail, where particular attention should be given and necessary action – treatment options, costs, risks, advice, etc.
  6. To understand and meet the needs of our patients, involve them in decisions about their care and encourage them to participate fully.
  7. To keep patients well-informed of costs and to discuss treatment progress at each stage, obtaining relevant consent.
  8. To involve other professionals in the care of our patients where this is in the patient's best interests; for example, referral for specialist care and advice.


2. Diagnostic and screening procedures

  1. To arrange and agree appointments and review appointments within appropriate personal timeframe with patients.
  2. To undergo a complete and detailed examination of the patient’s oral health with help from relevant diagnostic equipment, taking into account relevant medical history.
  3. To inform patients of the results of such diagnostic and screening procedures with a view to discussing possible treatment options.


3. General

  1. To provide patients with an experience and environment that is comfortable, friendly and relaxing.
  2. To carry out continues satisfaction surveys of the people who use our services via in-practice and online questionnaires, Friends and Family test, etc.; and use the results to make prompt changes where required.
  3. To ensure that all members of our team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.
  4. We ensure the practice adheres to the highest cross infection standards to provide a clean and hygienic environment.


4. Details of Staff working at practice

  1. 2 Specialist in Orthodontics: Dr Samir Moghanchi (Principal) and Dr Adil Mannan (Associate)
  2. 1 Associate Dentist
  3. 1 Orthodontic Therapist
  4. 4 Nurses
  5. 2 Managers (Business and Clinical)
  6. 2 Receptionist


Our team at The Orthodontic Practice at Battersea will be happy to address any concerns or complaints that you may have regarding your treatment or any other issues that you have experience during your visit. On how to raise a complaint or who to contact please follow links below.

Practice Policies